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Free Software Utilities

Over the years, I have put a large number of free software utilities into the public domain. Many of them have become obsolete as technology has progressed, some have not. Follow the links below for more information and some downloads.

Algorithms for Counting Permutations with Consecutive Sequences
Type Erasure for C++ Iterators
Supplements and Extensions to the STL under VC6 (obsolete, but historically interesting)
MS Windows
A Function Edit Control (Draggable Function Graph, Draggable Line Chart) for Windows
A Semaphore with Priority Levels for Win32
A Fair Monitor (Condition Variables) Implementation for Win32
GNU Emacs
Devenv Emulation: Improved Compiling and Debugging within GNU Emacs
PC Mode: Emulating Some Nice Things about Windows-Based Editors in GNU Emacs
Emacros: A Package for Organizing and Handling Keyboard Macros in GNU Emacs
Super TeX Dollar: Smart $ and $$ for Emacs TeX Mode

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