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What Do You Know about Your Money?

Imagine that instead of investing your money, you would have kept it under the mattress. Would you have more now, or would you have less? Do you know? Shouldn't you know?

It's a funny thing how everybody talks about the performance of the stock market, or the performance of mutual funds and portfolios, but nobody talks about the performance of their money. Those are two different things!

For example, they call the first decade of this century the "Lost Decade" for investors: the stock market ended flat. Say your portfolio ended flat as well. Does that mean your money was "flat," that is, you neither made or lost any money? Of course not. You put in money along the way. Depending on when and how, you could have made a lot of money or lost a lot of money. Pretty much anything is possible.

GreaterThanZero is a web-based tool that uses interactive charts and tables to show you what happened to your invested money. GreaterThanZero also lets you keep track of your net worth, and how much you put in or took out.
You invested your money. Find out what happened.