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Guitar Playing

I love many different kinds of music, but I really do have a thing for the finger-picked acoustic steel string guitar. Whether it's African-American blues players like Mississippi John Hurt and Big Bill Broonzey, or American singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Jackson C. Frank, Jim Croce and James Taylor, or British folkies like John Renbourn, Bert Jansch, Ralph McTell, Colin Wilkie and Wizz Jones, or the Germans like Hannes Wader, Klaus Weiland, Werner Laemmerhirt and Peter Finger, or just someone with a guitar and fingerpicks on a streetcorner in New Orleans, in Vondelpark in Amsterdam or on a beach in the South of France, that's the music that I have always loved and that was the soundtrack of my youth.

I was fortunate enough to meet people who showed me how to play fingerpicking guitar. Mostly, what I do is to cover the classics such as Paul Simon's "April" and Jackson C. Frank's "Blues Run the Game." I also do some originals, but those are for myself more than for anyone else.

What I really treasure, though, are the songs that I have picked up along the way from people without fame and fortune, songs that were either never recorded or, if they were, have long since gone out of print. I call these endangered songs, because if people like me don't play them anymore, they will be lost and forgotten forever. I'm going to record some of those and put them up on YouTube. I just never seem to get around to doing it.

For now, I'll just share my guitar setup techniques.

Acoustic Steel String Guitar Setup